Multi-faceted XR Sims

Multi-faceted XR SIMs Immersive technologies are changing the way we live and work. According to Forbes, XR (Extended Reality) technologies will be “one of the

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VR Train Driver Training

Client: Metro Trains Australia Background Metro Trains Australia (MTA) is a joint venture between Mass Transit Railway Corporation (MTR Corporation), John Holland and UGL Rail.

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Green the Street

GREEN THE STREET Real Serious Games supported urban designer, Catherine Simpson deliver her vision for the green urban design initiative “Green the Street”. Using RSG’s

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Forest Gardens Activation

FOREST GARDENS ACTIVATION Real Serious Games has been supporting the Indigenous company Birra Yamma Pty Ltd  for their Forest Gardens Project through early discussions and

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Virtual Warrane II

Immersive Heritage Real Serious Games partnered with acclaimed Indigenous Multimedia Expert, Brett Leavy as Immersive Heritage to develop the sequel to the video game, Virtual

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Malignancy VR

Skin Cancer Awareness Game in collaboration with Queensland University of Technology (QUT) & Excite Science Background Australia has one of the highest rates of skin

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Virtual Reality Bus

Client: enVizion Group EnVizion Group is a training provider, specialising in the delivery of pre-employment, life skills, mentor training, and engagement and a deliverer of

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