Interactive Product Viewer

Client: Hitachi


Hitachi was seeking a game changing competitive advantage and wow factor to sell their latest and most advanced excavators. Real Serious Games digital solution brings a “never seen before” interactive presentation tool to the sales team. This presentation tool is now impressing and accurately demonstrating Hitachi’s latest and most advanced offerings. Real Serious Games developed a visually interactive tool that revolutionised the sales presentation style into a comprehensive dashboard application that demolishes the old school conventional audio-visual and paperwork presentation style. The new interactive product viewer, positions Hitachi as an early adopter of technology and changes the way sales pitches are made forever.


For this project, there were a number of high-level criteria to address:

  • Confidentiality and security of sensitive commercial information: Hitachi required assurance that the company they commissioned for the project was capable of safely handling highly sensitive commercial information. Real Serious Games has a solid reputation in the industry for maintaining client confidentiality and requires that projects delivered by the company are covered by strict non-disclosure agreements for all parties concerned.


  • Ease of Use: After fulfilling the stringent Hitachi security audits, Real Serious Games’ experienced UI/UX designer consulted with the stakeholders to ensure that the platform was user-friendly and met the client’s objectives.


  • Accurate Digital representations: RSG’s skillful and highly technical 3D artists were put to work on the confidential 3D models and transformed them into marketing-friendly 3D models.


  • Minimum System Requirements

Our in-house development team was tasked to develop a product with minimum system requirements giving the product more flexibility in order that it may be run on any mid-range laptop with ease. Throughout the course of the project, Hitachi’s subject experts were consulted and involved to ensure the accuracy and relevance of the final product.

The Product

The final product, the ground breaking Interactive Product Viewer (IPV) is simple to use, multi-device application and controlled with a keyboard and a mouse. The user may view the 3D model from any angle, zoom in and zoom out, and click on different points to bring up relevant pre-set technical information. The technical information is dynamic, engaging and visually accurate. The IPV tool can be operated via a tablet or smartphone, marking a new age of convenience during presentation.

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