Maker Immersion – Bringing Active Learning Back in the Classroom


Maker Immersion – Cert IV & Diploma in Building and Construction (Building)

Humans love making things, its why we are so different to most other animal species on the planet. We design, build and create things, we discover, explore and learn.

It is a common bond we share. Remember building blocks as a kid? Watching our parents work with tools. It fascinates & teaches children. The Maker Movement emerged to as a response to our human desire to make, create, build, design and share the knowledge that comes with that. It’€™s a grassroots DIY movement that is powered by free how to videos, the human need to create tactile objects and a wider rebellion against over-consumption.

To sum it up, Maker Movement celebrates creativity, collaboration and learning and encourages people to: make, share, give, learn, play, participate, support and change.

Real Serious Games & Exner Group, with the support of the Victorian government, are developing an exciting technology led series of products under the project name Maker Immersion, based on the Maker Philosophy.

The primary goal of this project is to produce high quality training outcomes for construction sector workers via TAFE. Our mission is to bring experiential learning back into the classrooms through the medium of the Virtual Reality (VR).

Virtual Reality immersion and interactive experiences and more traditional teaching methods working together, delivering world class VET in a 21st Century format.

Our Feature product Maker Immersion is a super charged VR learning upgrade designed to compliment and integrate into current training programs. The VR upgrade is compliant within the Cert IV Building and Construction (Building) (ASQA). This add on VR training module may also be purchased and used separately for other training.

The course features various learning tools: eLearning, Virtual Reality experiences and Maker Kit which combine to provide in-depth training and; significantly improve retained learnings; to construction workers.

Research indicates that the current training methodologies in the construction industry are plagued with problems around trainees retaining and using what they have learnt.

This translates to high error rates on the job, costly retraining and at worst injury or death.

Present classroom & online training systems struggle to translate classroom learnings (theory) across to what to expect, recognise and react to in real work life scenarios (practical).

Our Maker Immersion project delivers a experiential learning environment, safely within the classroom. Participants are exposed to realistic construction environments in Virtual Reality and supported by eLearning resources, The Maker Kit and course work.

SafetyJourney, a Melbourne based Neuroscience consultancy, is actively involved in the product’s development to maximise learning outcomes.

The VR upgrade course features two types of VR: Immersive and Interactive.

Immersive experiences are essentially 360 degree views of modeled construction environments designed so participants can get a more realistic understanding of various construction sites they may be working in. The experience is aligned and mapped to the required Cert IV learning outcomes.

Interactive environments provide exciting and challenging scenarios, that promote further learning, as the participant moves and interacts with the virtual environments.

Maker Kit is a scaled down €œbuild it yourself model of a real life building, students get to build a structure in class. So moving from theory, through to a practical application of new and improved skills. How good is that? The Maker Immersion is competency based training done right, brought into the 21st century.

“Experience is the teacher of all things.” – Julius Caesar

Check out more details about Maker Immersion here or on our website

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