Plans & Specifications

Maker Immersion – Module Eight


Participants will learn how to decode a drawing according to a simple process. In this module, students use key elements of the drawing, such as title blocks, elevations, lines, symbols, legends, and notes, to interpret and give meaning to each different drawing. It also determines how to assemble these to create a 3D object.


During this experience, participants will need to use the site’s plans and drawings to identify and translate key features. To do this, participants are asked to go through three phases, marking the features of the subdivided parcels and the main sites outside the house, and then entering the house. Participants are asked to use the floor plan as a guide to place fixtures and fixtures in different rooms of the house, so there is a level choice here. Participants will receive a report summarizing opportunities for success and improvement.

Other Modules

Modules with a mixture of Immersive and Interactive experiences that train students in new mediums to allow for better learning.

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