Project Planning & Start

Maker Immersion – Module Seven


This immersive experience introduces learners to a process that can be applied to iterative and thorough planning. This process is illustrated using a planning scenario for installing a backyard pool. The user must first collect the information, suggest a method, and then evaluate it to determine if additional information is needed or if the method is feasible. This process is performed several times (in the office and on-site) before the proposed pool construction plan is achieved. Communication and collaboration are demonstrated throughout the process to ensure that the plan is complete and complete before starting work.


Interactive VR encourages learners to be placed at a virtual construction site and plan the layout of the facilities needed for construction. The learner’s goal is to present a plan that is feasible and limits the costs required to resolve conflicts with existing features.

Other Modules

Modules with a mixture of Immersive and Interactive experiences that train students in new mediums to allow for better learning.

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