Virtual Reality Bus

Client: enVizion Group

EnVizion Group is a training provider, specialising in the delivery of pre-employment, life skills, mentor training, and engagement and a deliverer of RTO certified relevant courses and customised in-house or on-site training programs. EnVizion Group was the first training provider to introduce virtual reality training that allows Indigenous communities across Northern Australia to access localised training through innovative solutions. 


EnVizion was seeking an innovative solution that would attract Indigenouscommunities, by providing an overview of employment opportunities, andmotivate them towards various employment pathways.


A 20-minute Immersive Virtual Reality experience was created around 5themes: mining, agriculture, health, aquaponics, and construction. In these virtual worlds, people were immersed in environments they could relate to, gain knowledge of the industry, and be inspired and motivated by the storytellers’ personal career achievements.

The VR experience had the following attributes:

  • It could serve a large number of users throughout the day
  • Easy to integrate with face to face trainer-led instructions
  • Ability to be used in remote locations whilst the client representatives travelled across the Northern territory

  • A telemetry system was integrated into the final product to capture learning information in real-time. The captures showed what and where users were looking, and the statistics assisted with a better understanding of the needs and interests of the users.


    Julie-Ann Lambourne, CEO of enVizion, received a wonderful response from the state government of Australia. enVizion’s workforce increased from 5 to12, and the virtual reality experiences, which were originally designed and planned for use in Cape York, Queensland, went on to be used in central Queensland, and also for the education sector in the Northern Territory.

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