VR Train Driver Training

Client: Metro Trains Australia


Metro Trains Australia (MTA) is a joint venture between Mass Transit Railway Corporation (MTR Corporation), John Holland and UGL Rail. MTR are rail operators in Stockholm, London, Hong Kong, China and Australia. Real Serious Games had previously developed a number of virtual reality training scenarios for MTA which received incredibly positive response from the rail regulator, industry and train drivers. This VR Train Driver Training experience is supported by the Victorian Government as part of the Workforce Training Innovation Fund, and being developed in collaboration with MTA and Melbourne-based, Exner Group.

The Virtual Reality Training Program

The virtual reality training program encompasses advanced interactive rail learning units within the Certificate IV – Train Driver Training program, ensuring the continued safe rail operations as per regulatory requirements.

The VR train driver training experience is set on a 6 km virtual rail track to train and test train drivers on a number of scenarios such as their response to signals, speed limits, avoiding overshooting platforms and following the right procedures pre/post train arrival and departure.


The virtual reality simulation is linked to a telemetry system providing real-time student performance analytics allowing trainers to monitor & manage the progression of each student through their training

The telemetry system records:

  • the learning stages completed
  • provides a Rating of Performance in each stage – Expected vs Actual actions
  • the time it took to complete each stage
  • playback on aspects of the trainee’s performance

  • The telemetry system automatically generates and distributes reports to the Learning Management System (LMS) for evidence of competency gained, providing collation of evidence in a consistent manner.

    Hardware & Delivery

    The VR Train Driver Training Program is designed to provide a realistic train driving experience. It is delivered on a motion simulator mimicking actual train movements. Using the VR controllers, train drivers are able to see their hands in VR, and perform the day to day tasks of operating a train, develop muscle, leading to greater retention of learning outcomes.

    In comparison to the conventional train driver simulation hardware, this is a compact solution and can fit up to 4 training stations in a single 8 x 8 room. The hardware and the software allows scalability at a quarter of the cost of conventional solutions.

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