Who we are REAL SERIOUS GAMES Extended Reality Company

We began by using game tech to provide visualisations and planning solutions to the engineering industry - enabling them to not just plan for the future but actually see it. As technology has moved on we have moved with it bringing the same vision and innovation to the rapidly advancing world of Extended Reality (XR).

Our Vision

Utilising technology in up-lifting the way we educate, train, communicate and engage globally.

Our Mission

Accelerating human awareness, understanding and insight. Why? Because better people matter when creating a better future for all.

Circa 2009 Our Journey

Our company was founded in 2009 within the booming Australian engineering industry. The opportunity was in developing 3D technology to better manage major construction projects, helping people archive real results using serious simulation. Decades later that history is in our DNA.

Value we deliver Our Tenets

real value img The work we do Real Value What we output

Deliver. We are committed and determined to succeed. Question, challenge, innovate. We do world class work. Deliver real useful journeys. Measure outcomes and ensure value that lasts.

real value img Who we work with SERIOUS PARTNERSHIPS Our clients

Play nice. Empathise, listen to and understand clients to provide the best solution. We listen to and respect our clients. Be adaptable in helping clients reach their intended outcomes. Ensure security and confidentiality protection. Our clients are our best ambassadors.

real value img Bring your best GAME ON! Our team

Show up. Log on. We are multi-players. We are respectful, inclusive. We trust each other and have open and honest conversations. Listen, encourage and be understanding. No judgement. Grow, empower, empathise. Play, learn, participate. Enjoy!

Our Directors



We understand that people are much more than a resume or title. Providing team members with the opportunity to contribute beyond their role is one of the main drivers of innovation and development of new ideas within RSG.

Providing ability with opportunity



Each member of the RSG team brings unique perspectives, experiences and expertise from both their professional and personal lives. Embracing these different points of view is what enables us to come together as a team where the whole is greater than the sum of it’s parts.

Strength in diversity

In Unity We Trust Our Team Culture

RSG Team
RSG Team
RSG Team
RSG Team


Years in Industry 14 +
Projects Delivered 250 +
Clients Served 60 +
In-House Staff 30 +

Since 2009 Our Clients


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TOGETHER, WE INNOVATE REALITIES Providing Industries with Virtual Applications since 2009