XR Enterprise Management System Curation Station

Introducing the Curation Station, the first-ever XR device and content management system specifically designed for businesses. With the ability to host up to 16 VR headsets, this system keeps them charged, connected to a secure server, and remotely curated by XR suppliers. The sleek and modular design of the Curation Station allows for customisation, and the XR Enterprise Management System makes managing devices and content easy and efficient for organisations.

*Any customisations will incur an additional charge

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Compact & Portable Curation Cassettes

The Curation Cassettes is a mobile XR Device and Content Management System offering similar benefits to its larger counterpart, Curation Station. The Curation Cassettes is a travel friendly XR solution protected by a rugged briefcase to withstand rough handling. The unit also serves as a power bank to charge 4 Virtual Reality Headsets and supports a mini PC and a Touchscreen.


Bespoke Content XR Applications

At RSG, we provide customised XR solutions tailored to your specific training and development needs. Our experts work with you to develop a unique solution that meets your goals. Empower your staff with the latest technology and create an immersive, interactive learning experience with XR. Find out more on our process when you build an XR application with us.

XR Content Management Enterprise Systems


XR Application NOVATEN

NOVATEN is a powerful mobile tool that simplifies inductions, supports training and sales, and provides advanced technical manuals through bespoke 3D interactive guides.


XR Application ARQTEN

ARQTEN is a secure central network platform for virtual reality content distribution and management. Easy content deployment to a wide range of compatible devices.

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