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Why Custom? Tailored solutions for your specific needs

We work with you, to produce a custom simulation solution which delivers results.
Our specialisation in simulations means you receive a solution which:

  • Is solution orientated
  • Removes complexity
  • Users will love

Not all technology is built equally. This leads others to force technology to work in ways it wasn't designed to, leading to more complexity and not addressing the need.

Simulation Package The exact training simulator package your business needs

Looking for a specific simulation solution?
Off the shelf options not suitable for your needs?
Difficulty managing updates your VR/XR content and devices?

We build solutions to solve your needs, giving you what you need to succeed.


Our Process and Delivery Our Process in Phases



Your initial contact and experiencing of a virtual simulation such as Virtual Reality/XR can spark many ideas for potential use cases. During the Discovery Process we will align on a potential high-level review of scope, objectives and feasibility.



Our design workshops take the guess work out of forming a real solution based on outcomes. With our internal design team you will be guided through a number of workshops to unpack value and opportunities specific to your use cases, delving deeper into topics such as aligning with learning objectives, audience and environment.



In the development phase you are harnessing our 10+ years in producing immersive applications that drive results. With our agile processes we produce solutions which are delivered on time and within budgets. This stage also includes revising the solution's objectives and assessing what could be improved.



Last but equally as important, the deployment phase includes hardware set up, training and maintenance and support requirements.

Looking for a custom simulation solution to solve for your specific need(s)?


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