XR ENTERPRISE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM We have our own proprietary XR Enterprise Management System, including hardware and software to manage large scale, global deployments of extended reality solutions.


ARQTEN is our web-based platform for curation, licensing, delivery and real-time monitoring and control of XR experiences at scale to businesses. We provide a complete hosting solution for ARQTEN utilising cloud servers located in Australia, which provides greater reliability and data security. ARQTEN can be integrated into multiple existing client systems. Deployment will include content to multi-platforms, as well as an integration into your LMS of choice

As a cloud-based, immersive content delivery platform with Digital Rights Management, ARQTEN provides the following features:

Content Distribution Security Your Content, Your Licence

Admin UI for device, training modules and license management.


Anylatics Growth Tools Share XR Experiences and Gain Insights

Easy agnostic tracking to provide insights, check on device statuses and easy troubleshooting.

Content Management Distribute and Deploy, made easy

Ability to upload and distribute multiple training modules to multiple devices.


Easy to use Simple and Organised

Output of reports such as Daily/weekly/monthly activity and other telemetry user performance data.

All in one place One Click Deployment and Updates

Mobile, PC and AR/VR device cross compatibility.



The ARQTEN platform includes robust features which come together to give you what you need along your distribution journey.


Licensing Options

Flexible licensing of your content to those who need it. Give access based on time or number of downloads.


User Friendly

Deliver content to users around the clock, with an interface that anyone can use.


User Management

Create different user roles and levels to manage content based on user devices and needs.


Content Management

Organising and managing content means peace of mind knowing everything is where it should be.


Content Distribution

Get your content into the hands of users who need it around the clock, with ease and free of hassle.


Device Agnostic

Have assurance knowing your content can be used across multiple devices no matter the type.

Get On Board and Scale Your Operations

Our overall solution considers deployment in both on-line and off-line mode. Due to network variability in Australia, some discreet areas have 5G, where-as a large part of Australia has very limited bandwidth. As such we have designed ARQTEN to work in an on-line / off-line mode. The content we create is designed to run locally on the headsets as well, to ensure our customers, particularly mining industry customers, can assess their content at all times, independent of network connectivity reliability.

We are building a community to empower knowledge develpoment by expanding the future of Extended Reality(XR) technology as a vessel for business and society.

Manage XR content conversion and compatibility.

Focus on your content experience, we'll handle the delivery.

Manage your XR content licence for distribution.

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