Forest Gardens is a proposed Indigenous Foods and Plants Consortium by Birra Yamma Pty Ltd that aims to harbour the traditional knowledge of Indigenous Foods and Plants through Integrated Knowledge and Regenerative Farming. The proposed project needed support in stakeholder development, engagement and training, and faced the challenge of finding an engaging and effective way to educate and involve stakeholders, including those in a young age group.


To solve this challenge, Real Serious Games introduced virtual reality technology as a tool for stakeholder engagement and participation. As a first step, the Forest Gardens project was showcased to year 9 STEM students at Deception Bay State High School. The use of virtual reality created an engaging and immersive experience, where students were able to experience different aspects of the project and get a glimpse into the possibilities of cutting-edge technologies.


By using virtual reality technology, Real Serious Games and Birra Yamma Pty Ltd were able to create a more meaningful and immersive experience for the students, resulting in greater engagement and a deeper appreciation for the project. This approach not only serves to educate the students on Indigenous foods and plants, but also to create a deeper understanding for Indigenous culture and knowledge.

The positive response from Deception Bay State High School resulted in Birra Yamma Pty Ltd planning to hold similar workshops in other schools across Brisbane. Overall, the project demonstrates the benefits of VR technology in promoting stakeholder engagement and participation, and in the preservation of Indigenous knowledge and culture.


Virtual reality has immense and broad potential as a stakeholder engagement and education tool across a variety of industries and fields. Its ability to enhance the delivery of information through immersion and interaction creates a memorable experience that leads to greater retention and understanding of the subject matter.

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