CLIENT: HITACHI NOVATEN : Interactive Product Viewer (IPV)


Hitachi was seeking a competitive advantage and a unique sales tool to showcase their latest and most advanced excavators. Conventional sales presentations using audio-visual tools and paperwork were outdated and did not accurately demonstrate the extent of Hitachi’s latest product offerings. Hitachi required a new, innovative presentation tool to revolutionise the way they marketed their products to clients.


Real Serious Games provided a solution by developing NOVATEN, a visually interactive tool that transformed the traditional sales presentation into a comprehensive dashboard application. NOVATEN allows the user to view the 3D model of Hitachi's excavators from any angle, zoom in and out, and interact with specific parts of the model to bring up visually accurate technical information. Hitachi's subject matter experts were consulted throughout the project to ensure accuracy and relevance, and Real Serious Games' reputation for maintaining client confidentiality provided assurance that sensitive commercial information was handled securely.



NOVATEN revolutionised the sales process for Hitachi and provided them with an innovative and ground-breaking way to showcase their latest products to clients. The tool is dynamic, engaging, and positions Hitachi as an early adopter of technology, giving them a competitive edge in the market. As a simple to use, multi-device application that can be operated using a tablet, smartphone or keyboard and mouse, NOVATEN marks a new age of convenience for presentations and demonstrates the potential of digital solutions in transforming sales and marketing strategies.



NOVATEN’s unique technology can be applied as an innovative sales solution in any scenario where technical or complex information can be showcased and explored in an engaging way - for example, to showcase the latest models and features in vehicles, aircraft, specialist equipment, electronics or real estate.

Overall, NOVATEN has the potential to revolutionise the way products are marketed in any industry. The visually interactive and engaging interface allows users to explore products and access information in a way unlike any traditional method, giving businesses a competitive edge to showcase their products.


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