EnVizion Group is a training provider specialising in the delivery of RTO certified training programs relating to pre-employment, life skills and mentoring. EnVizion wanted to educate Indigenous communities about potential employment opportunities and motivate them to pursue these pathways through the training they offered, and were seeking an innovative solution to achieve this.


EnViZion partnered with Real Serious Games to create a 20-minute immersive virtual reality experience that could be used to showcase 5 themes: mining, agriculture, health, aquaponics, and construction. In these virtual experiences, people were immersed in environments they could relate to, gain knowledge of the industry, and be inspired and motivated by the storytellers’ personal career achievements.

The experience was designed to serve a large number of users throughout the day, could be easily integrated with face-to-face trainer-led instructions, and could be used in remote locations while EnVizion representatives travelled across the Northern Territory.

A telemetry system was integrated into the final product to capture learning information in real-time, such as where users were looking. These statistics assisted with a better understanding of the needs and interests of the users.


This innovative use of virtual reality provided significant benefits to both EnVizion and Indigenous communities in Northern Australia, as well as receiving a wonderful response from the state government of Australia. EnVizion’s workforce increased from 5 to 12, and the experiences went on to be used in Cape York, central Queensland, and for the education sector in the Northern Territory. The technology has transformed the way EnVizion delivers training to Indigenous communities and has allowed them to provide localised training through innovative solutions


This type of immersive virtual reality experience is an impactful and engaging tool for enhancing storytelling and sharing information. It has diverse applications across a range of industries such as education, training or marketing, as well as providing visually captivating and interactive product demonstrations, virtual tourism and interactive travel experiences, and virtual real estate tours.

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